SSM Students describe their international law class as “engaging both by Attorney Nicoletta Montefusco’s energy and by her broad scope of knowledge of international principles and their applicability to many international situations.”  She brings more than ten years of experience to life in the classroom.

In the International Law class, SSM MBA students first learn the fundamental concepts, origin and general theory of international law and in turn apply this knowledge to a current international dispute making the experience directly applicable to today’s environment.

Professor Montefusco also interacted with students as though they were her professional colleagues which prepares them for a similar experience in the actual workplace.  Students gained the confidence necessary to integrate quickly with the given complexities of global corporations and international institutions. The analysis during the course prepared students to practice speaking on behalf of future corporations and international organizations.

The second part of the course includes writing individual papers on an international issue of their choice.  The final written project for this course can be presented to future employers as a writing sample to launch a student’s new career after completing the MBA program.

Students left the course not only with enriched analytical techniques and a better understanding of how corporations and international organizations engage in multi-national activities, but also with the practical skills and confidence to immediately meet corporate expectations in a complex globalization era.