Refund Policy

Application and Registration Fees: Non refundable

Course Materials: Students may acquire at their own decision and cost SSM online class materials used throughout the program. These class materials may include: notes, presentations, case studies, and sample assessments exclusive of any external copyrighted textbooks. This is a one-time payment charged to students immediately upon joining their first class. If a student desires to have physical copies of such class materials, they must pay an additional shipping charge which will vary depending on destination point (as quoted by the shipping agent). Once the material has been downloaded by students and/or shipment has been dispatched, then, no refund can be claimed.

Tuition Enrollment Fee: For students who desire to start their classes online from their home country, the following refund policy governs the enrollment fee. This refund structure does not apply to the first, second, or third installment payments. SSM finalizes its contracts with all teaching constituents in the second week of the start of the academic year and accordingly commitments become formal and non-irrevocable.


Week after paying the tuition enrollment fee Percentage refunded from the tuition enrollment fee
1st week (start of classes) 75%
2nd week 50%
3rd week 25%
4th week 0%


Disclaimer: Students are responsible for all bank charges and transfer fees. For students who choose to leave the country and continue their studies at a different SSM Center location, the above refund policy may not apply unless the student provides evidence that they need to return back to their home country due to extenuating circumstances and thus obliged to discontinue classes.

For students who receive a study visa or permesso di soggiorno for study purposes through the Swiss School of Management, in the case of withdrawal from the program, students must report their withdrawal to the local authorities (questura, immigration department, home office, etc.) which will then cancel their student visa or permesso di soggiorno.