The Executive/Night MBA students in theEntrepreneurial Financial Management class discussed several important things about entrepreneurship including: the character of various entrepreneurs, idea generation, sourcing development funds, writing the business plan, the operating agreement, partners, forms of business and inexpensive ways to market (such as PR and internet-based advertising.

Additionally, the class watched entrepreneurship-related videos including advice from both billionaires and successful small entrepreneurs. The Honest Tea Company was especially noted and discussed for their successful form of entrepreneurialism that combines money making with philanthropy that encourages sustainable, for profit development of natural resources in underdeveloped raw materials markets.

“Entrepreneurial Finance gives a very good insight about writing a good business plan, taking into account the weight that a good financial projection gives to it,” said Adjmal Dulloo, MBA student. “Marshall has the capability to get this across perfectly through examples of well established businesses, as well as in designing new business plans. As someone who doesn’t have much knowledge about Finance, I’m glad that the classes are organized to get both the big picture and details in a creative and interactive fashion.”

In the coming weeks, students will take a closer look at drafting a successful business plan, funding sources, developing Excel-based financial projections for different entrepreneurial businesses, HR and tax issues of specific concern to entrepreneurs, and valuation and exit strategies; all of which are highlighted by real world war stories from successful visiting entrepreneurs.