Jim Kramer, Former VP international franchising, McDonald’s Corp.

“Jim Kramer captivated, motivated and inspired me in a whirlwind 45 minute conversation” – MBA student, Steven Ciocca, Food and Agriculture Organization.

As part of the franchising class, the Swiss School of Management Executive/Night MBA Entrepreneurship students had the honor of talking with James Kramer, former Vice President, International Franchising, McDonald’s Corporation.

With more than 39 years of Franchising experience, Kramer walked the class through conventional and developmental franchising methods that McDonald’s uses to grow its business. Kramer covered topics such as finding the right franchisee, the methods ensured to maintain consistency in the products, training of the franchisee, the differences between domestic and international markets as well as the continued commitment by McDonald’s to ensure a positive customer experience.

“When thinking about the advice I would give to young franchisees today I’d tell them to select a good company to join; get a good accounting firm from day one; take your training seriously; work hard,” said Kramer. “When selecting people as franchisees stick to the profile, and the number one factor on my profile was integrity of the franchisee. The franchise relationship is like a marriage; if the parties do not have integrity the relationship will fail.”

SSM Students thoroughly enjoyed learning from Kramer’s experience. “When entering the concept of franchising, it appears to be a very logical process with clearly defined progression steps to realize a franchise. A student really doesn’t command the subject until a real-life explanation unfolds before them,” Said Steven Cioccia, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and Executive, Night MBA student. “My realization of franchising (in the real world) came with the captivating explanation of McDonald’s franchising operations by someone who truly knows what international franchising is about.”

With Kramer’s 39 years of trusted experience within the largest and most successful franchising operation in existence, the Swiss School of Management entrepreneurship class was very fortunate to have such a seasoned and engaging speaker. We asked him for words of wisdom and he replied “If you have employees treat them with respect and fairness.” Well said, Mr. Kramer, well said. And on behalf of all of our students and staff, we would like to extend a “BigMac” thank you.