The Swiss School of Management has established collaboration with in an effort to facilitate the transfer and degree completion of students earning ACE and/or NCCRS CREDIT at to their desired degree programs at Swiss School of Management.

The following has been agreed upon:

1.       SSM will accept course credits for students who have earned a score of 70% or higher in the course.

2. For acceptance, students must meet all specific admission and enrollment standards, and requirements for the program.

3.       A maximum of 60 credits will transfer from ACE and/or NCCRS college credit-recommended courses earned from

4.       Upon matriculation to SSM, students must satisfy all general education, graduation and major requirements as outlined in the SSM Catalog for degree completion.

5.       SSM will accept student transcripts directly from, either mailed or delivered electronically via a mutually agreed-upon third party.

We look forward to a fruitful collaboration with for the benefit of our students.