The Bridge

The Bridge – Leadership Study Abroad Program offers a compact and unified body of courses that will help the student acquire a deeper understanding of leadership, while highlighting some of the challenges arising from globalization. The academic experience of The Bridge – Leadership Study Abroad Program contributes to broadening the horizons of students, and enabling them to make judgments based on a deeper understanding of today’s world.

Leadership is the quality of a person who is firm in his or her ideals and capable of excellence, magnanimity, integrity, and influencing others. The Bridge is the only program for intensive leadership development in a unique cultural experience. We invest in students’ personal growth, provide tools for achievement, and help students make a lasting impact on the world. These three goals should be the motivation for any leader: Growth, Achievement, & Impact. The Bridge program aims to make its participant into a universal leader, a leader in all fields and dimensions of human and social life. The Bridge has seen that this capacity or ability depends on the development of the whole person.

The Bridge & Achieving your Goals

Some ways we can help you become the leader you are called to be is through Leadership coaching. Every two weeks, with an experienced coach, build your personal qualities and leadership capacity.

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