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Student Conference in Edinburgh – Thinking Employability

Student Conference in Edinburgh – Thinking Employability

What can be better than studying in the eternal city?

Well, just ask the students of the Swiss School of Management in Rome. A high motivated BBA class and one not less motived SSM vice president recently headed to Scotland to attend the annually Businet students conference in the beautiful city of Edinburgh. Businet has hosted a student conference annually for over 20 years. The student event is designed to enable you to interact with new people, from different cultural backgrounds, to work and play together in the beautiful city of Edinburgh. You also get the chance to travel to Stirling to sample Experiential Learning in a different environment.

The concept of bringing students from different countries and institutes together to network and learning has been one that Businet has championed since 1997. This year’s conference has been dedicated to employability skills, with the title: Thinking Employability.

After five exciting days, filled with new impressions, we were curious to talk with all participating students and asked them about their experience and impressions. The O-tone about this trip was amazing!

Right from the beginning of their journey, they appreciated the organization of the conference. Their comfortable accommodation was centrally located and close to the conference centre.

The conference facilities were up to date and have left no wishes open. The information flow was impeccable, as they were able to get all needed information via email and through a dedicated smartphone application.

As our students already study in an international environment at the SSM Rome, it was quite easy for them to mix-up with other participants from various European Institutes. This was of course also beneficial to improve their English and communication skills. Small-talk conversations became deeper dialogues and, as the week went by, some interesting international friendships were born. “Life can be so exiting, if you are open minded!” says Alessandro C. (Diploma student)

It speaks for the high quality standards of the SSM program that, even though our students belonged to the youngest participants, they could easily give their contribution to other students during the various group assignments.

Besides attending various presentations from the organiser’s side, students themselves also had to be creative and active. The Highlight was definitely, when they had to create a song out of 15 keywords related to the presentation of “Emotional Intelligence” and sing it in front of the audience. “We were laughing us to death…” says Aldo P. (Diploma student)

The overall experience was above all expectations and our students are looking forward to their next adventure abroad, which the Swiss School of Management will definitely ensure!

“Travel improves the mind wonderfully, and does away with all one’s prejudices.”

-Oscar Wild-