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SSM Announces NEW Capital MBA: Rome, Paris, London

SSM Announces NEW Capital MBA: Rome, Paris, London



The Capital MBA tri-city experience, provided by INSEEC and the Swiss School of Management MBA Rome, Italy program, takes you on a global journey every six months between the capital cities of Rome, Paris and London. The final component is a mandatory six month internship. Students will be given an opportunity to interview for a paid (yes, paid) internship offered by one of our 10,000 partners throughout the world.


  • English Taught Courses in Europe are American Accredited:   Study abroad in Europe for your MBA and get an MBA that, under the delivery of the Swiss School of Management, is accredited by IACBE, the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education in the United States. INSEEC in Paris, which falls under the Bologna agreement in the EU, issues the formal transcripts providing validity in the EU as well.
  • Required Internship:  INSEEC will assist MBA students in finding a paid internship with one of their 10,000 partners during the last six months of the program.
  • Customized Experience:  Students are provided an option of tracks in both Paris and London that include Finance, Marketing and International Management. This allows you to choose the track that best fits your interests.
  • Real World Experience:  Students will gain a real world perspective through our international speaker series and class trips to multinational corporations.


Rome: Swiss School of Management • October 2013 – March 2014 • Global Commerce Track  

The global commerce track develops leaders to effectively manage global operations with a comprehensive curriculum that covers the core business competencies needed to succeed in today’s global economy.   

Paris: INSEEC April – September 2014 International Business, Marketing or Luxury Brands Track (Choose one)

As you move into the second phase of the program, you will then dive further into  international management and select the business track that best suits your career goals.

London: INSEEC • October 2014 – March 2015 • Corporate Finance, Financial Markets, Brand Management or International Business Management Track (Choose one)

In the third phase, you will learn the global competencies needed to strategically analyze business today. Students will continue to learn how to work effectively across markets and business cultures,analyze and address future opportunities.

Six Month Internship • April 2015 – September 2015 • Required   

Students must participate in a six month internship. With over 10,000 company partnerships around the world, INSEEC will assist students in finding a paid internship. Capitalize on that and you can consider it a six month job interview to launch your career.

Final Project • Due March 2016 

Students are required to do a business plan or thesis on the topic of their choice. They have six months to complete it on their own after their internship.

*Dates of program subject to change


Capital MBA Admission Requirements
• Bachelor’s or relevant undergraduate degree.
• Sound command of the English language, spoken and written.
• Work-experience is preferred but not required.
Application Deadline 15 September 2013
Please visit
and send to


Application Fee (non refundable): € 100
Program Fee: € 2,000
Special 2013 Tuition: € 15,895
Total : (payment made in 3 installments) € 17,995


Students will be provided with the highest quality international education from both Groupe INSEEC and The Swiss School of Management. Based in Paris, London and Rome these institutions have come together to create a unique two year tri-city Capital MBA program. Our mission is to provide students the global business competencies required for leadership and success in demanding careers in the global economy.


Rome is the capital of Italy and is Italy’s largest and most populous city.  Caput Mundi, referring to Rome, is Latin meaning “capital of the world.”  Globally perceived as one of the most exciting and attractive cities, Rome houses students from around the world. The Swiss School of Management’s campus is located in the center of it all in the famous Campo dei Fiori piazza.
Welcoming around 300,000 students each year, Paris deserves its title of European University capital. The campus is located in the heart of the district “Saint Martin Republique” : you will find a unique and exciting student life there.  You will also enjoy the cultural wealth of Paris, valued by numerous museums, tours and concerts.
Recognized as an international capital of fashion, finance and technology,  London is also a melting pot of cultures living harmoniously together and proposing a plethora of world-renowned entertainment, museums and public parks.  The INSEEC campus is located between Regents’s park and Oxford Street, right off the bustling Marylebone High Street.

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