The Swiss School of Management is happy to invite you to our next webinar session of this academic year.

It is with great pleasure that we’d like to announce our next webinar session of this academic year. On Tuesday, February 16th @3pm CET, Aldo Torchiaro will give you an insight of what “Made in Italy” is all about.

To register, please follow this link.

The “Italian way of life” is popular world-wide, being an integrated part of the Italian culture. TheMade in Italy. The way Italians live and the product making is very unique, together with the well-known mix of creativity, humor and design that they bring in the “Made in Italy”.

Aldo Torchiaro is a professional journalist and expert in digital communication. He studied linguistics
and received his Ph.D. in “Contemporary Humanism” at Lumsa, Rome. He is a professor at the IED
(Istituto Europeo Design) and at the Swiss School of Management. He has been a digital
communication consultant for several big brands, and he is a partner of the communication agency
Spencer & Lewis. In 2020 his book “Happy Deception” was released, adopted in many digital
journalism courses.