International weeks are, as the name suggests, weeks organized by Higher Education Institutes who cooperate amongst each other to grant their students an opportunity of opening to students from other universities, in different locations, from different cultures. This enables them to open their minds at the global diversity found in the world, especially when talking about business and entrepreneurship.

The Swiss School of Management is proud to have hosted the 2019 International Entrepreneurial Week in Rome, teaming up with the University Colleges Leuven-Limburg. Approximately 30 students from different universities in Europe joined us to attend this event. They were mixed in different teams and given an assignment that they would have to complete with team members they only got to know once they arrived in Rome. This is what the exposure to the international environment is really about; understand, adapt, and move forward.

The first stay, students attended the opening ceremony, after which they had a lovely time during the Hidden Rome tour, as of course the benefits of travelling also include getting to know new places as well. We all had an aperitif party afterwards, to break the ice between the different groups. The company visit to Arnaldo Caprai, a famous authentic Italian winery, was another amazing experience that was shared during this week. Students followed the whole process of making wine, after which they were given an insight about the history of the winery, as well as it’s unique selling proposition, which they would later use in their projects.

The week came to an end with the award ceremony for the best presentations of a business plan, which was followed by an amazing dinner/drinks evening at the famous Scholar’s Lounge in the heart of the eternal city. What a great experience!