As we all know, the Swiss School of Management has been growing exponentially, and with this comes different opportunities as well as different challenges.

It seems our growth has also attracted the attention of scammers.

Please see our advice below to be sure that you are speaking to the Swiss School of Management and not to a scam.

  • The email address on all documents will always be
  • Electronic copies of degrees are not valid or official degrees. Degrees become official once it receives the hologram stamp which has a number that is correlated with the student at headquarters
  • If our logo seems distorted or tampered with, it may indicate that the document did not come from us
  • If the hard copy of the transcripts were not signed by hand, but printed on the transcripts


How do I know my confirmation letter and transcripts are legitimate?

  • Your confirmation should be issued directly from our headquarters (as of 2021) . and signed by an SSM headquarters official. If this is not the case, your letter is likely illegitimate
  • Any confirmation letters issued can be verified directly from our main office. For any doubts regarding the legitimacy of any documents, please feel free to verify through

How do I know if my SSM degree is legitimate?

  • All SSM degrees have an official hologram seal (from 2019). Each seal has a number which is associated with the graduated student. All numbers can be traced back directly at our headquarters. If the degree does not have this seal and if this cannot be traced back to the corresponding student, the degree is likely illegitimate.
  • Any degrees can be verified through our headquarters at

For any doubts or clarifications you can ALWAYS reach out to us directly at We will be happy to clarify any doubts so that you can be sure moving forward you will be assured that you are working with us directly. We are always here to support you!