By Swiss School of Management’s Provost, Dr. Elizabeth Solidai-Naui

The world is at a crossroads once more.

As history has taught us, the development of humankind is defined by the tools Man has invented to make life easier for himself. Civilizations prosper not by undermining the possible contribution of new technologies but by embracing their promises.

The Education sector is now at the forefront of a disruptive change. The introduction and use of Artificial Intelligence in almost all industries swept the academic world on its feet. Like that recent Oscar winning film, it is suddenly everything, everywhere, all at once!

In spite of the fear of the unknown, we cannot deny that AI has the potential to revolutionize the entire teaching and learning experience. It can assist educators in identifying where a student needs more support. It can personalize lessons and tailor-fit activities that improve student learning outcomes.

With students, it can give them the power to access learning resources that are not readily available under normal circumstances. They can maximize their time and resources by focusing on more learning and exploring their creativity.

The Swiss School of Management supports the use of AI in education. We are in the process of empowering our faculty members by introducing them to different AI tools and providing them training on how to use AI to improve their pedagogy and andragogy, boost student engagement, and better align expectations.

Above it all, SSM stands as the facilitator of new technology. We can assure you that everyone on our team uses these tools ethically. As such, we are also making sure that we are guiding our students to  use them responsibly and appropriately.

The transformative power of AI technology now enables us to reimagine what it means to be human. In this context, it is critical that we utilize available tools to humanize the educational experience without compromising our fundamental values.

Dr. Elizabeth Solidai-Naui, Provost