The Bridge – Leadership Study Abroad

Leadership is the quality of a person who is firm in his or her ideals and capable of excellence, magnanimity, integrity, and influencing others. The Bridge is the only program for intensive leadership development through a unique cultural experience. We invest in students’ personal growth, provide tools for achievement, and help students make a lasting impact on the world. These three goals should be the motivation for any leader: Growth, Achievement, & Impact. The Bridge program aims to make its participant into a universal leader, a leader in all fields and dimensions of human and social life. The Bridge has seen that this capacity or ability depends on the development of the whole person.

The Bridge & Achieving your Goals

What is The Bridge? The Study Abroad International Leadership Program is a 5 to 89-day program in Rome, Italy.

Why The Bridge? Along with the academic component, the Leadership Study Abroad Program offers a uniquely personalized approach to leadership training, one that is not available in other study abroad programs.

Classes: The program offers core classes in leadership and our electives carry a theme of either Business & Communication Skills, Entrepreneurship or Law, throughout.

Accreditation: 15-18 academic credits (credits vary by academic institution)

Vacation: During the course, there are some 3-day weekends to explore Rome and other European cities.

*Bonus Trip! Students will also experience the wonders of Florence! This two day trip provides the opportunity to see Italian fashion from the corporate side, sight-see and still have free time to explore!

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From Our Students

The only program for intensive leadership development in a unique cultural experience. More personal growth, tools for achievement, and a lasting impact in the world. See what past students have to say about The Bridge.

This semester has definitely been a time of overwhelming gifts… I could never have imagined all the wonderful surprises The Bridge had in store for us!

Trish C.
SSM The Bridge Student

The Leadership Study Abroad Program … has been anything but your regular college semester.

Liam K.
SSM The Bridge Student

Not only did we spend the weekend in a beautiful palace, surrounded by art and sculptures from every era, treated like royalty ourselves… but we also learned what the true meaning of leadership is.

SSM The Bridge Student

I could write for hours on all that we have experienced… but to sum it up in a manner short and sweet: it has been a fast paced, exhilarating, fulfilling experience.

Patrick J.
SSM The Bridge Student

After returning from the program I’ve had to time to reflect: it really changed me as a person spiritually, physically, and mentally.

Matthew M.
SSM The Bridge Student

Every day brings new gifts and discoveries! We have been given more than anyone could ever hope for in a semester abroad.

Adam T.
SSM The Bridge Student

Course Structure

The Bridge – Leadership Study Abroad Program offers a compact and unified body of courses that will help the student acquire a deeper understanding of leadership, while highlighting some of the challenges arising from globalization. The academic experience of The Bridge – Leadership Study Abroad Program contributes to broadening the horizons of students, and enabling them to make judgments based on a deeper understanding of today’s world.

Leadership Activities

The Bridge program is for the leaders of tomorrow, and we offer the tools to make this a reality now. You will have a classes specifically dedicated to leadership, a conference by leaders at the top of their field, and round-table discussions on applying leadership in contemporary issues.

We provide one-on-one leadership coaching which would normally cost a business professional around $500-5,000 an hour. This is an indispensable way to know yourself better, identify areas for personal development, and formulate a long term growth plan to help you continue this adventure after you finish the The Bridge program.

These activities are complemented with training sessions hosted at extraordinary locations. They provide opportunities for intense growth. We provide all you need to reach your full potential.

For any leader, public speaking is key, since your ability to influence others depends on your communication skills. A public speaking expert provides an elective class that is dynamic and up-to-date.

Extracurricular Activities

Travel Opportunities! The ”sky’s the limit” for excursions during The Bridge semester. Although the program does not organize the activities around Italy, student volunteers plan optional visits to any number of great locations in Italy and Europe, which prove exciting and adventurous (such as navigating the waterways of Venice or skiing in the Italian Alps).

There will be a number of organized tours in Rome: examples include the famous Scavi excavation under St Peter’s Basilica, the Roman Forum, and the catacombs. Whether you want to stay in Rome or explore other parts of Italy and Europe, The Bridge offers you a goldmine of opportunities.

Admission Requirements

If you are interested in applying for The Bridge or would like more information, please send an email to our Admissions Office:

All potential participants must meet the below requirements:
  • Demonstrate leadership ability through participation in sports, student government, and/or other such activities.
  • 2 letters of recommendation (from professor, coach, chaplain/employer)
The following forms are also required:


Upon request, we will be happy to submit our best proposal for attending this great program.

*Bonus Trip! Students will also experience the wonders of Florence! This two day trip provides the opportunity to see Italian fashion from the corporate side, check out the city on a walking tour and still have free time to explore!


Students must seek academic approval from their own university to study in the program. This normally takes place through the office of International Studies and the deadline is usually mid-late October (Spring Semester) and mid-late February (Fall Semester).

After receiving approval from your university, contact our student coordinator to continue the application process. Students will be informed upon their acceptance to the program.

Students must agree to abide by the following policies:

The Bridge – Leadership Study Abroad Program is a program of the Swiss School of Management and as such, all general academic policies apply to the program.

Students must understand and agree to abide by the laws of the country in which they are residing and all academic and disciplinary regulations in effect on the program. If students do not abide by the regulations as interpreted by the program director, they will be subject to the appropriate disciplinary actions up to and including premature termination of participation in the program. In such cases, students will return back home at their own cost and expense.

All students must carry health insurance that is valid overseas for hospitalizations and physician care. We recommend that students also purchase an International Student Identity Card.

Apply for the Leadership Study Abroad Program

Application form

ILSP Application
Fill out our application form for the Leadership Study Abroad program and send it back to us at to begin the process of applying to SSM.

Note: Application will not be reviewed until all documents have been received electronically and the application fee has been received.

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