SSM Research Center

SSM recently started in the digital learning industry using the name SSM Research Center. The focus at SSM Research Center is on research, doctoral programs, and blended & distance learning.

Research Agenda

SSM values research. Our research agenda has a lot to do with competitiveness, social and economic development in organizations, regions, and even countries. We endorse our candidates to do fundamental research during their PhD studies and applied research on their DBA journey at the highest levels of quality.

Relevant research projects may be at the level of businesses; industries; and/or countries. Our doctoral graduates have studied subjects such as global value chains; industry development; competitiveness of countries and industries; the impact of the financial sector (including micro-finance); logistics, high-performance organizations and corporate social responsibility.

Doctoral programs

SSM Research Center offers complete post-graduate degree programs on doctoral level with a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA). Candidates receive high-quality and intensive supervision via digital channels and all coursework is done using modern didactical models, based on online and blended learning principles.

Due to the nature of our doctoral programs, doctoral candidates can start through-out the year. There are no admissions deadlines or other defined start-dates. Doctoral candidates can tailor their learning path to their needs, following their own pace. Some individuals do not want to take weeks of their family or professional life to study. Throughout the academic year, relevant workshops are held. These workshops are not mandatory and are always digitally available. Candidates are the manager of their own doctoral journey. Workshops are all over Europe and Africa and if the situation allows it to attend, candidates are more than welcome.

To make the doctoral programs available for everyone on the planet, we can work with partial scholarships, upon request, and after a thorough analysis by our academic senate. Candidates can apply for a scholarship during the enrollment process.

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