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The Swiss School of Management has always been focused on providing opportunities for people seeking to enhance their careers and take a step closer to success. We focus on giving students an insight into real-life experiences by simulating the real challenges faced by business leaders. Students are called to analyze data, develop alternatives, make and defend recommendations and execute these efficiently and effectively. We succeed in this goal by not only using case studies but also having extraordinary international faculty members, that enrich our courses with real-life experience, preparing you for the real-world better than any lecture-based program ever could.

Considering the fact that many students can find it difficult to travel, especially due to the period Europe is facing with the outbreak of the COVID-19, SSM has promptly opened a new section in order to allow students to enroll and follow our two core programs, which are the most requested ones too, online. By opening this new channel to success, we are breaking the geographical barriers, thus allowing students to now follow their dreams just with a few clicks, without having to change their life around attending our programs physically.

We are confident you will find that an SSM degree will provide you a unique and valuable education to assist you in attaining your highest career aspirations.So don’t wait, and check out our website and online platform; give your career that boost you have been waiting for. At SSM, we create leaders, and you could be the next.

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Bachelor of Business Administration
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MBA Online Program
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