MBA Degree Programs

International Accredited MBA University Degree

“The main reason to pursue an MBA Degree Program is to broaden your horizons, your skill sets and to unlock your unlimited hidden talents in the pursuit to not only increase your salary potential but advance your career.”

An MBA (Masters in Business Administration) is the most sought-after graduate degree in the world. In most cases, an MBA degree is required for executive and senior management positions. There are some companies who will not even consider applicants unless they have an MBA degree.

What can you do with an MBA Degree?

Many MBA Degree programs offer an education in general management along with a more specialized curriculum. We at SSM assess students and help them pursue a specialization that leverages their inherent talents. Although it’s expensive, requires a big emotional investment and can distract you from your day-to-day work, only an MBA can provide a variety of relevant benefits in a relatively short time frame, in a comprehensive framework and with a lasting credential. It is only an MBA that is relevant to all industries and sectors which makes it valuable regardless of the career that is chosen after graduation

Because you want to advance in your career.

Although it may be possible to climb the ranks over the years, an MBA teaches you to look at problems and opportunities holistically. It also provides analytical frameworks, such as risk assessments, cost-benefit analyses and strategic plans, that you can apply to any problem or opportunity you encounter, allowing you to add value and advance your career. In addition, there are some careers that require an MBA for advancement. Examples include areas of finance, banking and consultancy.

Because you want to change careers.

If you are interested in changing careers, switching industries, or making yourself a marketable employee in a variety of fields, an MBA degree can help you do all three. The MBA highlights your desire to learn, willingness to work hard and dedication to a specific goal. In addition, the MBA experience will change the language you use in conversations with business people and confirm you are ready for a higher position or complete change. While enrolled in an MBA program, you will have the opportunity to learn general business and management expertise that can be applied to nearly any industry.

Because you want to assume a Leadership Role.

Not every business leader or executive has an MBA. However, it may be easier to assume or be considered for leadership roles if you have an MBA education behind you. The good news is that you can develop those leadership traits even if they were not something you were born with. While enrolled in an MBA program, you will study leadership, business, and management philosophies that can be applied to almost any leadership role. Our business school also gives you hands-on experience leading study groups, classroom discussions, and school organizations.

Because you are truly interested in studying business.

One of the best reasons to get an MBA is because you are truly interested in studying varied components of business. If you enjoy the topic and feel like you can increase your knowledge and expertise, pursuing an MBA for the simple sake of getting an education is probably a worthy goal.

Our promise to you:

We promise that our MBA University Degree program will definitely change your life. You will not be the same person once you earn it. You will look at the world and to your surroundings with different eyes. On the job, people will notice that you are different. You will find yourself on a path of success, satisfaction and wealth creation.

MBA classes are given mostly in the evening to accommodate for professionals who work or for students who would like to work or pursue an internship.
Come and experience the unique learning environment at Swiss School of Management in Rome.

Prof. Massimiliano Bracalé, President