School Board

Duties of the School Board

The School Board supports the Founding President and adopts strategic policies, priorities and plans to direct the operations of the Institution. It handles specific complaints or grievances supporting the President’s final decision.

The School Board develops the institution’s basic priorities. Long-term goals and priorities are stated in the Board’s Policy, and the School Board reviews and approves the plans to achieve them in the annual budget, as well as the annual review and in adjustments of the Strategic Plan. In addition to the “what to do” priorities, the School Board’s policy also specifies a set of “what not to do” priorities in areas such as purchasing and employee relations.

TERMS: The founder is elected for lifetime. All other members are elected for 7 years.

MEETINGS: The School Board meets twice a year, once before the yearly graduation and a second time in mid-April.

Dr. Al Khalafalla

Chairman of the School Board, Senior Advisor, Head & Dean of GCC Operations

Dr. Massimiliano Bracalé

Founding President

Dr. Leila Chentouf

Executive Dean

Dr. Elizabeth Soliday – Naui

Provost, Member of the Academic Senate

Dr. Premkumar Rajagopal

Chair of the Academic Senate, Academic Director – SSM Asia

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