The hidden secrets to become a fashion influencer


Details of the Program


Do you know why the majority of Fashion Bloggers fail these days? Because they clearly don’t know what their “Dream” is, nor do they know how to convey it to their audience. According to Simon Sinek, Apple was the first company to start a great revolution: not just selling a product but turning their dream into a necessity the world can’t live without! Could you live without your mobile phone? This transformation also occurred in fashion. Young women like Chiara Ferragni, Olivia Palermo and Alexa Chung realized their dream at a very young age, and they completely redefined the concept of fashion and its consumption. Do you know how they succeeded? Well…. by selling their own personality!

This is what you will be taught during this course. During the program, you won’t only learn to define your own personality, but you will also learn to sell it to your audience. How? By using the tools to start a blog and by making yourself known to the world. Moreover, we will help you to understand how to make money out of your dreams. You will be given the chance to experience the world of fashion by visiting high fashion houses and attending presentations given by fashion experts who have turned their passion into a job!

You will have the opportunity to collaborate with FrancyGFashionBlog and to the world of fashion up close.

At the end of this three months program, your tutor will continue to coach you and will support you in your new job with an exchange of ideas and experience.

We are looking for young boys and girls with a minimum age of 16 years whose lifestyle is characterized by creativity and tenacity!


Modules and Course Structure

1. The Business Plan For Creatives

The first step for every company is to define its business plan. This module aims to teach students how to figure out what niche market area they want to operate in and how to create a customized business plan, beginning with each student’s analysis of their own personality.

  • How to Find Your Niche, The Executive Summary, Target Market, Competitors, Human Resources, Vendors, Suppliers, Marketing Plan & Operations
  • The Epic Guide to Creating a Brand Identity, Financial Projections

Final Exam. The final exam will consist of the completed Business Plan presentation and discussion.

2. How to Start an Amazing Blog

Among the various platforms used to start a blog, WordPress is the most widely used in the world, by large companies. This course will teach students, step by step, how to install a WordPress website, launch it and create a blog of their own.

  • WordPress: How to install it, as well as chooseing a design and template that reflects your brand.
    Luxury associated with money, fashion and art.
  • How to buy your own domain and how to host and install it (Guest Speaker). How to choose categories, tags, articles, pages, plugins. What to say on the “about me” page.
  • How to read a blog and contribute to it. Analysis and construction of a perfect blog post. Where and how to find material to write an article. How to create an editorial calendar. Brand image and brand identity. How to find keywords, use the Google keywords planner tool, choose a title, a subtitle, and which/how many photos to enter.
  • Your blog SEO, how to install the SEO by Yoast, how to install: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google AdWords, Google AdSense, Google AdExchange.
  • Writing an article: Power Copy techniques.5 ways to make your blog easy to read, mistakes that need to be avoided, how to make readers write driving-traffic comments, how to promote the article in order to drive traffic.

Final Exam. It will comprise the analysis of your blog.

3. Beginner's Guide to Starting a Fashion Blog

We went from the information age to the attention one. Writing for a Fashion Blog is totally different from writing for a fashion magazine. The first thing all of us do when we look at a new website is to quickly explore it. Rarely is the text read completely. During this course we will teach those strategies for writing an article that won’t only be read and indexed by search engines but, most importantly, will turn our readers into repeat customers.

  • How to read a blog and contribute to it. Analysis and construction of a perfect blog post.
  • Where and how to find material to write an article. How to create an editorial calendar.
  • Brand image and brand identity.
  • How to find keywords, use the Google keywords planner tool, how to choose a title, a subtitle, what and how many photos to enter.
  • Writing an article: Power Copy techniques.
  • 5 ways to make your blog easy to read, mistakes that need to be avoided, how to make readers write driving-traffic comments, how to promote the article in order to drive traffic.

Final Exam. It consists of the analysis of the article written during the course and the presentation of the SEO obtained for that article.

4. Product and Pricing in Luxury

This Module is designed to provide students with an advanced understanding of product and pricing strategies in the luxury field. Topics will include managing of the creation of a product, the optimization of the product range, the implementation of service and, finally, the analysis of the most profitable price policies. The Module features the following topics:

  •  Managing creation: the luxury product
  •  Structuring the product range
  •  The service factor
  •  Pricing issues and challenges
5. How to Create a Perfect Newsletter and Encourage Reading

The most powerful tool for attracting readers and securing their loyalty is the newsletter. How many newsletters do we receive daily? How can we hold our customers’ attention and stand out from the hundreds of emails which are immediately put in the trash? Often underestimated, the newsletter must actually be refined in perfect detail. In this course, we will teach you, step by step, what the newsletter’s graphic design should look like, as well as when, what and how to write it.

  • Power Copy techniques applied to the newsletter, creation of a monthly editorial program
  •  MailChimp, Newsletters Installation and Creation
  • Introduction to the use of AWeber and Active to create a useful funnel for affiliate marketing programs

The final exam comprises in the presentation and discussion of a campaign developed with MailChimp.

6. How to Use Social Networks

Social Networks are not only special windows through which we can promote our brand, but are also a great revolution currently underway. Facebook and Instagram allow us to sell products online. Now, Snapchat has also arisen as the largest competitor to Instagram and offers continuously developing features. In this course, in addition to a thorough knowledge of social networks, you will learn how to maximize their potential.

  • How to create a Social Media Plan. How to organize our Social Networks with: Buffer, CoSchedule, Hootsuite.
  • Facebook: How to create and implement our creative business with Facebook, how to find your target market on Facebook, creation of an editorial schedule.
  • Instagram: How to create an outstanding Instagram account. How to open a Business Instagram account. How the Instagram algorithm changed in 2016 and how to benefit from it.
  • Instagram: How to exploit hashtags, Shout and Shout4shout, Round groups, how to study and better understand the engagement, Instagress, how to monitor progress.
  • Instagram: IG Story- how to make the most of it to increase the Instagram engagement.
  • Snapchat: Snapchat for Fashion Bloggers. What you need to know. The Ultimate Snapchat Tutorial. How Fashion Bloggers use Snapchat to promote their business. How to create the Snapchat geofilter for events, creative ideas for Snapchat.
  • Pinterest: How to create a Pinterest page. How to use Pinterest for your brand. How to implement followers on Pinterest and move them to the Blog.

Final Exam. It a presentation of your own social Marketing strategy and the data analysis resulting from its use.



  • Candidates seeking admission to the Professional Fashion Influencer Program should hold a High School Diploma or equivalent.
  • All candidates must have a sound command of the English language, both spoken and written.
  • Work-Experience is not necessary.
  • A strong interest in Fashion
  • The final decision concerning the acceptance in the Professional Fashion Blogger Course rests with Swiss School of Management.

Cost of the program

Application fee
Enrolment fee
Final payment

Total Cost:

€ 200  –  due immediately, non refundable
€ 2,500  –  due after Provisional Acceptance
€ 1,500  –  due after two months

€ 4,000

The total cost of the program includes all study material (except for the books), examination fees, wi-fi access and access to the library. All fees, except the Application Fee, are fully refundable in case of study visa rejection. Once your enrollment has been confirmed, all paid-in fees are not refundable.


Start, Duration and Class Schedule

 The Program starts in the first week of April and has a duration of 36 Weeks. Classes are held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Class times vary between morning, afternoon and night classes.

Application Procedure

The application for admission will consist in answering some questions used to assess the applicant academic attitude. Future students are also requested to prepare themselves for the Open Day by reading magazines such as: Vogue, Odda, l’Officiel.



NOTE: Do not fill in by hand and scan.
Hand written forms will not be accepted.

Application have to be sent
to the following address:
Swiss School of Management
University of Washington Rome Center
Piazza del Biscione 95
00186 Rome, Italy
Phone:  +39 06 4004 93 20

The application for admission will serve as a pre-screening, followed by a Powerpoint presentation of which the topic will be communicated fifteen days before the Open Day. During the presentation, students will interact both with future colleagues and teaching staff.

Successful applicants will need:

  1. A laptop
  2. A Consumer Reflex: 12 megapixel, 3 frames in one second
  3. An IPhone 6; or IPhone7, or a Samsung S6 mobile phone, or a Samsung S7 mobile phone.
  4. Lightroom

For more information, kindly contact our Program Director:

Ms. Francesca Gori:


Apply for the Professional Fashion Influencer Program

Professional Fashion Blogger Course Application

Fill out the application form for the SSM program and send it back to us at to begin the process of applying.

Note: Application will not be reviewed until all documents have been received electronically and the application fee has been received.