— Professor of Middle Eastern Affairs, Adjunct Professor SSM MBA in Bahrain

Dr. Al Khalafalla is a public policy specialist and an expert on Middle Eastern affairs. He was
recently appointed the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Humpty Dumpty Institute after
serving for two years as a director of HDI. Dr. Khalafalla was unanimously appointed based his
proven record of leadership and international accomplishments.

Prior to joining HDI, Dr. Khalafalla held numerous leadership and board positions. These include
President of American Global Institute (AGI), President of the Board of Directors of the Virginia
Institute of Peace and IBN Cultural Center, and Vice Chair of A More Perfect Union at the
University of Richmond. In addition, he served/serves on a number of the boards of educational
institutions in Virginia.

Dr. Khalafalla has been recognized not only as a leader in public policy and cross-cultural
dialogue, but also as an advocate for international peace. He received a prestigious
Humanitarian Award from the Governor of Virginia in 2009 for his international humanitarian
endeavors. Dr. Khalafalla’s humanitarian and interfaith initiatives have been recognized by the
University of Louisiana, the Virginia Commonwealth University, the University of Bahrain, and
the University of Richmond. On October 22nd, 2012, Dr. Khalafalla was honored by the U.S.
Congress for organizing a successful Congressional Delegations to the Middle East which
increased dialogue and engagement in this strategically important region.

He regularly appears in the media and has delivered keynote addresses before Bahrain
International Symposium, the International Law and Religion Symposium, and diverse audiences
across Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Dr. Khalafalla’s opinion pieces have been published in
the Daily Caller, Washington Times, Fox News, the Tribune, and Alayam, among others. He is
also frequently called on to comment on Africa and the Middle East on broadcast media,
including Alhurra, NBC, and al-Jazeera.

He earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Louisiana, an MBA from
University of Maryland System, and a PhD in Public Policy and Administration from Virginia
Commonwealth University.

Dr. Khalafalla is author or co-author of a number of studies and articles on immigration, the
Middle East, international relations, interfaith dialogue and religious tolerance. He is married
and has two children.