— Leadership in a Global Environment
— Leading Groups and Teams in Organizations

Roanna Canete completed her Master’s in Global Leadership from Azusa Pacific University, studying in Kazakhstan, England, and Chile. She specializes in cross cultural and gender leadership dynamics, which have led to a career of fascinating projects. As the Vice President of a NATO Women’s Social Organization in Belgium, she served on a board with women from 27 nations, managing both significant conflict and significant growth. Through the Galleria Kenza (an art gallery in Tunisia) she co-founded and led a cultural integration program where Muslim and Christian artists specifically came together for intercultural learning and to promote peace.

Her insatiable draw to humanitarian work has led her into projects such as working in a safe-house for women who are trafficked in the EU, as well as working alongside the Peace Corps in a Women and Infant Nutrition initiative in Burkina Faso. While living in South Africa, she dedicated her time to caring for the weakest members of society, serving as a chaplain in both an AIDS Hospital and a women’s prison. Currently, she serves as a leadership consultant to small businesses and non-profit organizations across Europe and North Africa. In addition, she actively advocates for and mentors young women serving in higher levels of leadership both in the business and non-profit world.