Name: Jie WANG
Place of work: Kathmandu, Nepal
Graduation year: October 2015
Current Job: Programme Officer, FAO Sub-regional Office for South Asia/Regional Support Unit for SAARC (RSU-SAARC)

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
A middle level Progamme/Operations Officer working for the United Nations. I’ll definitely want to work in different duty stations in different countries, gaining more experiences.

So, you finished classes in 2015. Tell us about your experience after your MBA Program.
I completed all classes by end of July 2015, submitted my first draft of the Final Thesis in August, and received immediate feedback from SSM. I left Rome in September transferred to Kathmandu without rest. After settling down, I made further revisions of my final thesis, by providing more accurate data and analysis. I submitted it again in early October and I finally got it approved. I was lucky enough to graduate in time before the Graduation Ceremony where I received the “Outstanding Student Award 2015”. Since then I am working relentlessly for the FAO in Kathmandu, helping the population after the terrible earthquake.

What skillset do you need to do your job?
Planning and Organizing, Leadership, Management, Strategic Thinking, Communication, etc. All skills needed when you work for the UN and work with people with different backgrounds.

How has your MBA helped you in your current position?
It helped me a lot. Thanks to the skills I got, I found it easier to lead my team and to review our actions and reflect why and how we were doing certain activities. I drafted a vision & mission statement and reviewed our mandate, which we never thought doing it before.

What are your future plans?
For the next 2 years, I would like to change to another duty station to get more experience. Meet and work with different people from around the globe.

If you could describe your experience in Rome during your MBA how would you sum it up?
It was a pleasant experience and full of good memories. We were a great team. I miss my classmates and our professors. It was a great time of my life.

Can you share an experience that is most memorable with relation to the MBA program?
The Leadership Day. We had the chance to show our strengths and determination, to overcome physical challenges related to our life and professional goals. It was a very challenging exercise. It had a strong impact on all of us for the rest of the year.

What was your favorite class in the program and why?
• Leadership 360 degrees
• Competitive Strategy
• Marketing Dynamics
• Quantitative Decision Making
• Negotiation Skills

What advice would you give newcomers to the MBA program or for those interested?
Try your best to learn more, read more, and accomplish more. You need to be great not just good.

What do you think differentiates this MBA from other MBA programs?
While I was pursuing my career at FAO in Rome, I didn’t have much time to go for a full-time MBA program. SSM offers a very flexible program for executives featuring also night classes.